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espanol English
1 x Edible Ink for Photocakes
1 x Modeling ball tools
1 x Smooting tool for fondant
2 x Smooth Spatula
1 x Cleaning liquid
1 x Waffer Paper Size A4, 100 sheets
1 x Frosting Sheets 24 for package
1 x edible Markers fine point Black
1 x White Cupcake Wrap
1 x Gold Pearl 5 mm 1 Kgr
1 x Sleeve disponsable small size 50 units
1 x Silicone sleeve for pastry Medium
1 x Multilateral Plastic Surface Smoothing
1 x Sleeve disponsable Big size 50 units
1 x Tartlet molds x pcs
1 x Cupcae Molds for 12 units
1 x Pie Mold 20 cm
1 x Cupcake mould x 6
1 x Diamantina Tornasol 1 Kgr
1 x GOLDEN POWDER 10 1 Kgr
1 x Silver POWDER 1kgr
1 x Silicone Mould number 02
1 x Silicone Mould cenefa 11
1 x Soap Silicone Mold rectangular x 6
2 x Silicone Horse
2 x Silicone Mould Margaritas #4
1 x Silicone Moul Sea animals x 8
1 x Silicone Mould pearls mini 08
1 x Silicone Mould Batman
1 x Cookie press set
1 x Plastics mesuring spoons
1 x Small brush
1 x Plastics mesuring Cuos
1 x Adjustable Wire Cake Slicer Leveler Stainless Steel Slices
1 x Cupcake Corer Plunger
1 x Tea Coffee Measuring Spoo x5
1 x ICECream spoon
1 x Rose cutter x 3
1 x Square cutter
1 x PLASTIC CUTTER Circles 12 pzs
1 x Cutter and stamper Butterflys flowers
1 x Cutter and stamper apricoque flowers
1 x Plastic cutter Alphabet 3cm
1 x Plastic cutter Number 4 cm
1 x Plastic cutter Alphabet 5 cm
1 x Silicone Mini Soy Luna
1 x Silicone Mini Unicorn
1 x Silicone Mould Captain America
1 x Silicone Mould Rosas #3
1 x Silicone Mould roller Soy Luna
1 x Silicone Mould snow flake
1 x Silicone Mould jroller soy luna Big
1 x Silicone Mould Emoticones x 9
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Silicone Mould  Rosas #3
Silicone Mould Rosas #3
Silicone Mould  roller Soy Luna
Silicone Mould roller Soy Luna
Silicone Horse
Silicone Horse
Silicone Mould Captain America
Silicone Mould Captain America
Silicone Mould snow flake
Silicone Mould snow flake
Silicone Mould Emoticones x 9
Silicone Mould Emoticones x 9

Silicone Mini Soy Luna
Silicone Mini Soy Luna